38th Annual
National UFO Conference
Austin, Texas - September 2001
Don Webb
Speaker Bio:

Don Webb has published fiction in a variety of venues and languages. His most recent fiction collections include A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire (Black Ice Books), Stealing My Rules (CPAOD Books), and The Explanation and Other Good Advice (Wordcraft of Oregon). His first book, Uncle Ovid's Exercise Book, won the 1988 Illinois State University/Fiction Collective fiction contest. His 2nd book, Marchenland ist abgebrannt, appeared in Austria in 1990. His mystery novel, The Double, was recently published by St. Martin's Press and another, Essential Salts, will be following in September 1999. 

Webb is a regular reviewer for numerous publications, including American Book Review, Review of Contemporary Literature, and New York Review of Science Fiction. 

He has appeared in nearly 200 large and small magazines in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, India, Japan, and Norway (including Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Science Fiction Age, Amazing, Interzone, Semiotext(e) SF, Back Brain Recluse, Fear, Prakalpana Literature, etc). He is a contributing editor for Fringeware Review and also does the occasional game design work. 

Don Webb is an expert on the magical practices of Late Antiquity, his most recent occult book is The Seven Faces of Darkness: Practical Typhonian Magic from Runa Raven Press. He has lectured on Left Hand Path theology, Egyptian magic, Sadeanism. 


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