38th Annual
National UFO Conference
Austin, Texas - September 2001

Pamela Stonebrooke
Speaker Bio:
-Pamela Stonebrooke-
Pamela Stonebrooke is a recording artist,  jazz singer and songwriter from Los Angeles.  Her glamourous life was forever changed as she awoke to the shattering reality of an abduction experience that took her thorough a dark night of the soul.  Pamela went public several years ago with her Grey and Reptilian accounts  on the national TV show Strange Universe.  You may have heard her interviews with Art Bell or Jeff Rense,  or seen her internet interview with  Michael Lindemann for CNI News, or at one of the many UFO conferences  where she has spoken In her presentation, Pamela will share her encounters with her four Grey hybrid daughters, and will openly but briefly discuss her experiences with the renegade bad boys of alienology, the Reptilians...as controversial, taboo and politically incorrect as they are.

In her presentation, Pamela will propose a metaphysical perspective of this phenomenon and will share some of her research which she feels certain can shed some light on the mystery of the so-called abduction experience.  Her research ranges from studying ancient texts, which seem to validate the presence of numerous otherworldly beings that have been side by side with mankind throughout history, to the newest theories in Hyperdimensional Physics, which lays the foundation for multidimensional worlds from which these entities could likely emerge.  Stonebrooke believes that what is most important about these experiences are the  transformational aspects and  the infinite possibilities for the expansion of awareness which is triggered by this paradigm shattering experience.  As a skilled astral projector for over a decade, she will tell how she learned to consciously control her out of the body experiences and target and initiate contact with these beings.   

She will compare ideas about the new emerging theories of hyperdimensional physics, with the out-of-body experience, and how these post quantum theories are validating the teachings of the great masters and facilitating the elegant merging of science and spirit.

Her workshop will be a crash course in the out of body experience, where one can go beyond the limits of this dense physical realm and venture into the unknown, powerfully, fully conscious, and experience the timeless spiritual self.  She will share her techniques and take you through some “guided” techniques so that you too may learn to use this powerful tool to gain insight into your lives, probe the classical philosophical mysteries, and begin to penetrate the astounding nature of reality.  She believes that through this shamanic experience you can become your “own” master and discover the hyperdimensional being that you truly are - beyond time, space and form.  Her wish is to impart this transformational tool so that you too can tap into the many worlds of wonder that await us.   When we can make a friend of the unknown we are truly free.  We must be fearless, bold and loving, to ride the wave of chaos on this infinite journey to consciousness.

She has  written a book about her life and her accounts titled “Experiencer” and is currently entertaining publishing offers.  The esteemed Dr. John Mack, Harvard professor and author of “Abduction” and “Passport to the Cosmos,” will be writing the foreword.




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