38th Annual
National UFO Conference
Austin, Texas - September 2001


Speaker Bios:

    -Robert Anton Wilson-
RAW is the coauthor, with Robert Shea, of the underground classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy , which won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. His other writings include Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, called "the most scientific of all science fiction novels," by New Scientist, and several nonfiction works of Futurist psychology and guerilla ontology, such as Prometheus Rising and The New Inquisition. MORE

††† -Jenny Randles-
British ufologist & author of Science and the Ufos, Alien Contact: The First Fifty Years, The Truth Behind the Men in Black: Government Agents Or Visitors from Beyond and "more Paranormal & UFO books than any other author." Former Director of Investigations for BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association. MORE

††† -Loren Coleman-
One of the world's leading cryptozoologists. Coleman has written books and more than two hundred articles on the subject, has appeared frequently on radio and television programs, and has lectured from Idaho to Loch Ness. He has been both on- and off-camera consultant to NBC-TV's "Unsolved Mysteries," A & E's "Ancient Mysteries" and other reality-based programs. He contributes cryptozoology columns, "On the Trail," to the London-based magazine Fortean Times, and "Mysterious World" to Fate, as well as occasional articles to The Anomalist and Fortean Studies. MORE

††† -Diana Palmer Hoyt-
Diana has writtern her masters thesis on the academic ridicule of the UFO subject: UFOs, Social Intelligence and the Condon Committee. Diana is currently employed by NASA. MORE

††† -Ed Conroy-
Author of Report on Communion: An Independent Investigation of and Commentary on Whitley Strieberís Communion. Ed Conroy was a free-lance writer for the San Antonio (TX) Express-News and other publications, specializing in arts and entertainment. He is a graduate of the California Institute of the Artsí School of Critical Studies, and lives in San Antonio. MORE

††† -Constance Clear-
Abduction therapist & author of Reaching for Reality. Constance hosts the nightly radio show/webcast Clear Talk. Lecturer and psychotherapist Clear has a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Trinity University and a Master of Social Work degree from Our Lady of the Lake University. MORE

††† -Patrick Huyghe-
Co-editor of the Anomalist book series, its web site and Co-author of the Field Guide to UFOs, Apparitions, Extraterrestrials, Bigfoot and others. His next book is titled, Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat. MORE

††† -Karl Pflock-
UFO investigator and author of Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe. Karl has recently contributed research towards the re-investigation of certain seminal ufological cases. Pflock, a former CIA intelligence officer, congressional staffer, and deputy assistant secretary of defense, is the author of Roswell in Perspective and many investigative articles in UFO and related publications, including Fortean Times, International UFO Reporter, and The Anomalist. MORE

††† -Kenn Thomas-
ParaPolitical investigator and author of Maury Island Ufo: The Crisman Conspiracy, The Octopus: The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro, and many others. He is also publisher of Steamshovel Press, one of the best and longest running investigative conspiracy journals.  MORE

††† -Greg Bishop-
Editor of The Excluded Middle magazine and researcher into UFOs and Alien Writing and their interconnections with altered states of consciousness and shamanism. His articles have graced the pages of Fortean Times, Magickal Blend and others. MORE

††† -Eugenia Macer-Story-
Psychic, playwright, musician, artist and author of Sorcery & the UFO Experience, Legacy of Daedalus and others. Eugenia's insightful investigations have been published everywhere from the MUFON journal and Alternate Perceptions magazine to the online zines Magonia and Elfis. MORE

††† -James Arthur-
Recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on mushrooms and human consciousness. He is an ethnomycologist, author, lecturer, theological researcher, shaman, teacher and healer. His book Mushrooms and Mankind uncovers a natural link between man, consciousness, plants and God. MORE

††† -Pamela Stonebrooke-
Pamela Stonebrooke, aka the Intergalactic Diva, a professional singer in the Los Angeles area, is writing the story of her alien encounters. Her book is entitled Experiencer: A Jazz Singer's True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact. Pamela's CD Experiencer includes songs about her contact experiences.  MORE

††† -David Perkins-
Founder and staff writer for Spirit Magazine. He has been an active paranormal researcher for the past twenty five years, investigating everything from cattle mutilations to underground alien bases. His special area of research is "Paranormal Phenomena & the Gaian Mind: Considering the Possibilities." MORE

††† -James Moseley-
Permanent conference chairperson for the National UFO Conference, life long editor of the eternal Saucer Smear and author of Ufo Crash Secrets at Wright Patterson Air Force Base as well as his forthcoming memoirs. In one form or another, Moseley hasbeen part and parcel of the American UFO scene for almost half a century now. As editor and publisher of Saucer Smear, he is now ufology's reigning court jester. MORE

††† -Tom Deuley-
Deuley, an electrical engineer, served aboard nuclear submarines, and then worked for the NSA (National Security Agency). He has been on the National Board of Directors of the Fund for UFO Research since its inception in 1979. MORE

††† -Bruce Lanier Wright-
Bruce Wight is author of two critically acclaimed books... Yesterday's Tomorrows: The Golden Age of Science Fiction Movie Posters and Nightwalkers: Gothic Horror Movies, the Modern Era (available from Taylor Publishing Co, Dallas, TX. or at finer bookstores everywhere) Bruce Wright is a frequent contributor to Fortean Times magazine.  MORE

   -Dennis Stacy-
Editor of The Anomalist, former editor of the MUFON UFO Journal. Author of the Marfa Lights Viewers Guide, multi-part UFO series for Omni magazine, co-authored The Field Guide To UFOs and UFO 1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying SaucersMORE

   -Mack White-
Mack is a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer whose work has appeared in Gnosis, Details, PULSE!, Heavy Metal, True West, Zero Zero, Strapazin, Stripburger, and many other magazines in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. White's research on Waco and other conspiracy topics has been published in such magazines as The Nose and FringeWare Review. He was also interviewed in the documentary Day 51: The True Story of Waco and has been a guest on radio talk shows across the country.   MORE

   -Russell Dowden-
Russell Dowden has a decade of interest and study in the social-science of ufology and other paranormal fields. Writing in recent years for a local entertainment magazine stimulated he and Sonny Salas to create the group known as SETLAB; Study of Extra-Terrestrial Life and Answers fro Beyond. MORE

   -Erik Stearns-
Erik is currently the organizer of Austin's Art Bell Chat Club that has been meeting monthly for several years. Erik is an intuitive sensitive who teaches his own techniques in Remote Viewing. MORE

   -Don Webb-
Don Webb is an expert on the magical practices of Late Antiquity, his most recent occult book is The Seven Faces of Darkness: Practical Typhonian Magic from Runa Raven Press. He has lectured on Left Hand Path theology, Egyptian magic, Sadeanism. MORE

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