38th Annual
National UFO Conference
September 14-15-16  2001
Austin Texas


Coming To The...

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Original Location - 409 Colorado Street

3 Days & 3 Nights of
Speakers, Music, Film & More!

Famous Writers / Researchers
Present New Evidence of UFO Reality,

Special Events
Focus On Balancing Encounters Research
and Experiencer Therapy,

Saucer Culture Film-Fest
featuring UFO movies, documentaries, 
film trailers, with Special Guests!


Robert Anton Wilson
Jenny Randles
Constance Clear
Karl Pflock
Patrick Huyghe
Kenn Thomas
Loren Coleman
Diana Palmer Hoyt
Eugenia Macer-Story
David Perkins
Pamela Stonebrooke
Dennis Stacy
Ed Conroy

and many more


38th National UFO Conference Official Poster

Poster By Mack White

Mack White will be appearing at the conference for a 
short talk and multiple panel discussion appearances.

Visit His Websites: 
www.MackWhite.com   www.BisonBill.com   www.WorldWideNewsLink.com


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